The evaluation process consists of two sessions:


1. Initial Assessment (1.5-2 hours).

During the initial assessment session, your clinician will:

  • gather relevant background information (e.g. information about your child’s developmental history)
  • listen to your concerns and discuss recommendations for assessment
  • complete informal and/or formal testing.

On rare occasions, further testing may be required to obtain a full understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Additional appointments to complete further testing will be invoiced at our usual session rate.


2. Feedback Session (45min-1hour).

During the feedback session, your clinician will:

  • discuss your child’s assessment results
  • explain the written report
  • outline recommendations for therapy.

Feedback sessions are necessary following most initial assessments. In some circumstances, however, a feedback session may not be needed (e.g. for very young children). It is our practice policy to make feedback appointments only when required.


To enquire about the fee for the evaluation process, please contact the clinic.