Director – Clinical Services

  • Allissa Whitehead (BSpPath, CPSP)

Director – Business Operations

  • Jack Whitehead

Speech Pathologists

  • Lauren Kemp (BSpPath, CPSP)
  • Shreya Rajeevan (MSpPath, CPSP)
  • Brooke Goodyear (MSpPath, CPSP)
  • Victoria Taverner (BA, MSpPath UQ, MSPA, CPSP)
  • Sarah Hyam (BSpHearingSc, MSpPath, CPSP) Currently on Maternity Leave
  • Currently hiring! Please email expressions of interest to [email protected]

Occupational Therapist


  • Natalie Van Egmond, Receptionist
  • Bri Emery, Receptionist
  • Narell Nughes, Receptionist & Finance Officer